The Worldwide Development Corporation (WDC) was recently formed after 12 years of pain staking relentless effort, disappointments, self funding, failures, successes, etc. developing an energy invention that can change the world. WDC has put together a World Class project to introduce and implement a new energy invention that has the capability to power the planet a 1000 times over without consuming resources for a fraction of the cost of any energy generated today theoretically forever. It is the crown jewel of energy generation and the missing piece to the sustainability of the human race. The project includes all the Engineering, 3D drawings and Prototype that is very professionally done. The quality and thoroughness of engineering completed on this project is second to none. The validation process for the power projections for the new energy invention will be an elementary exercise for any engineer. All math calculations are easily understood and have sound engineering disciplines behind them.

Once In A While Something Comes Along That Is More Important Than Money And This Is One of Those Times.

This new energy invention can generate an almost unlimited amount of clean firm 24/7 energy distributed throughout the entire planet without feed stocks and a small ecological footprint for a fraction of the cost of any energy generated today. The new energy invention is based on kinetics which means the energy is generated through a body in motion and not heat or thermodynamics that consume resources.

Now what do I mean by almost unlimited energy?

This new energy invention has the capabilities to generate 10,000 or even 20,000 terawatts of firm 24/7 electricity distributed widely around the entire planet. Today the world generates approximately 6.6 terawatts of electricity for the entire planet. This technology is leap years ahead of any energy generation technology that exist today. It’s now time to bring the world together for one mission and that is to introduce and implement this technology all across the planet.

We have the opportunity to change the priorities of the human race for the betterment of mankind. Don’t let fear of the future or greed stand in our way. Because of the almost unbelievable capabilities of this new energy invention we can transform from a society that concentrates on generating energy to how do we use energy to improve the lives of billions of people all across this planet. Even with this new energy invention capabilities the path to create a world that is sustainable will not be easy but if we all join together we can truly live up to the spirit of humanity at its best.

During the past 4,000 years mankind has been able to survive and thrive without any concern of limited natural resources or population growth. But over the last 70 years the world’s population has grown from 1.5 billion people to over 7.4 billion people with no signs of slowing down. This has caused a great strain on our limited world resources that is unprecedented in human history. Without drastic changes our world as we know it today will cease to exist in the not too distant future.

Worldwide Development Corporation (WDC) ultimate goal is to change our priorities from a fossil fuel (limited resource), consumption, and throwaway society to an alternative energy, recyclable and sustainable society where humanity can theoretically survive forever. It is impossible to power our planet by consuming resources regardless the resource. With a population of 7.4 billion and growing we would just use up that resource over time. Energy is used in 98% of all human activities in a modern society which includes transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, government and everyday life. You will soon learn of a new method of energy generation so ingenious, so exciting, so revolutionary that nothing like it has ever been seen before. This new energy invention will give humanity the opportunity for energy-starved nations to feed their populations, provide them with clean water, greatly reduced air pollution and provide the energy needed to support exploding human populations that are today at 7.4 billion people and projected to be 10 billion people by the year 2050. With almost unlimited energy, the possibilities for the future will be limited only by our imagination.

The Worldwide Development Corporation’s goal is to collect 10% royalties on the energy generated worldwide from this new energy invention. Then 60% of the royalties collected will be redistributed through a non-profit corporation to assist poor countries in implementing this technology and rebuild a middle class around the world. Some type of financial vehicle has to be created to assist 3rd World Countries if we want to create a fairer and more balanced world and this is just as good of a place to start as any to accomplish that task.
We believe this will be the largest non-profit corporation in the world and much emphasis and effort will be given to make sure it’s operated with the highest ethical standards. Our plan is to create a selection committee made up of regular citizens from around the world that are not political to make the decisions on what new energy invention installations will be funded based on humanitarian needs.
You may ask yourself whats at stake?
The lives of billions of people with no hope will now have a chance to participate in the experiment we call humanity.

Future of humanity will be determined by the choices we make today

Our Mission is Simple

The mission of the WDC is to deliver a new energy technology that can generate almost unlimited energy without consuming resources for a fraction of the cost of any energy generated today widely distributed throughout our entire planet. We believe this will be the basis for a sustainable planet for humanity theoretically forever. The domino effect of almost unlimited cheap energy distributed all across the planet will be the catalyst to a worldwide 21st century society where there is a place for everybody and a chance for hope and prosperity.

United Nations Challenge

United Nations Challenge

Mankind’s ultimate responsibility is to create a sustainable planet for humanities future because without it everything else is a moot point.

This challenge will determine if the United Nations is an institution that is willing to lead in the future of humanity or just a body of Nations jockeying for power and influence. I’ve now added GE and/or Siemens to the challenge if they are brave enough to step forward.

The Worldwide Development Corporation has created an alternative energy invention that we believe will change everything we think we know about energy generation. The new energy invention is capable of generating 100,000 terawatts of 24/7 electricity distributed throughout the entire planet without consuming resources for a small fraction of the cost of any energy generated today. Today our planet generates approximately 6.5 terawatts of 24/7 firm electricity. Even though we would never contemplate or even imagine generating 100,000 terawatts of 24/7 electricity worldwide, I thought it was important to point out the extreme capabilities of the new energy invention.

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