Cost Drivers and Outdated Technology

Countries and companies must follow suit in the implementation of this new energy invention because of the 80% reduction in the cost of energy generation. Imagine the effects on a country or company that hung onto outdated and costly energy technology. A country that took that route would be totally non-competitive and isolated from the world.

Let’s imagine a world where energy is cheap and abundant and anything is possible throughout the entire planet. Every country has their unique culture, strengths, weaknesses, needs, problems, issues, etc. but the one universal requirement is clean and abundant energy. An abundant amount of clean energy has the ability to correct almost any issue regardless if it’s clean air, water shortages, food shortages, manufacturing, transportation or almost any other issue.

Let’s talk about the road transportation changes that would take place across the entire planet. Instead of gas stations having to depend on deliveries of fuel they would generate the alternative fuels (hydrogen & compressed air) from the electricity coming into the station. I believe we could produce transportation fuels for less than 30 cents a gallon equivalent. This would open up road transportation for individuals and commerce to a level never seen before on the planet. People all around the world would now pay a fraction of the cost of fuel without worrying about price fluctuations. This alone would create such a dynamic world for people’s freedom, movement of goods, etc. that it couldn’t be explained in words.


Companies and people need to take a minute and think through this proposal completely before making quick judgments to who it’s going to benefit or be harmed.  I setup the parameters on this new energy project proposal to create a win/win/win situation for as many countries, companies and people as possible.  I know it’s just a outline for a Worldwide Proposal but it makes a lot of sense for the future direction of this planet.

Win/Win/Win arguments:

  1. Rich Countries:   Rich countries will benefit by creating a world where the demand for products will see a 1000% increase, not fighting over oil reserves, less violence in the world and so many other benefits I couldn’t list them all.  Even with the 10% royalty the wealthier countries will still benefit from a 70% reduction in the cost of the upstream power generation.
  1. Poor Countries:   Poor countries will be the largest benefactors of cheap and abundant energy. They will not only obtain the resources through the WDC royalties program to implement cheap energy, they will also receive technical support and technology that in the past was only available to more modern civilizations. This creates an avenue for 3rd world countries to become more self reliant, less violence, refrigeration, better irrigation for farming, etc.
  1. Hydrogen Companies:   Its obvious how hydrogen companies will benefit from an almost unlimited supply of electricity.  They will have the responsibility to prove to the world that its technology is safe.  We don’t know the effects of a large amount of hydrogen escaping into the atmosphere.  Hydrogen will also be in direct competition with electricity and compressed air for transportation.
  1. Auto Companies:   Auto companies will have to spend a lot of money retooling to make hydrogen, electric and compressed air vehicles but their customer base should grow exponentially.
  1. Oil Companies:   Because of all the economic growth around the world their oil feed stock business should grow enormously for a short period of time.  Also, the time it will take to convert our planet from a carbon society to an alternative energy society will take 10 to 20 years. They will have to consolidate and change just like all other businesses have in the past due to technical advances.
  1. Oil Countries:   The Oil Countries will have to also adapt due to technical advances but again it will take 10 to 20 years. Remember oil will still remain a valuable commodity for feed stocks to make products and the world will have a 1,000 percent increase in economic activity due to 3rd world countries economic advances over time. We should also realize to create a true sustainable planet its necessary to recycle all products that are oil based which also will take time to build the recyclable centers around the world.
  1. Utility Companies:   Utility companies will definitely benefit from cheap and abundant energy theoretically forever.  Their upstream cost for energy will be reduced by as much as 80%.  The downstream segment of the utility business will require a lot of work if we’re going to count on this new energy invention as our only energy source.  They would have to install multiple transmission routes to all our major cities, create backup facilities to produce electricity during shut downs, etc
  1. Employment:    The amount of employment will increase around the world and probably be a net gain of hundreds of millions if not billions of jobs during the transition period from a fossil fuel economy to an alternative energy world.  This will also create a much greater tax basis and commerce around the world. After the transition period the world will then have to decide what there priorities are and create jobs and a place for everybody on the planet.
  1. Poverty:   This project will elevate the poor around the world economically and socially.  It should almost wipe out extreme poverty and allow countries to concentrate on building an economic base that can sustain the population.
  1. Humanity:    The new energy invention will provide a platform to sustain mankind for tens of thousands of years if not theoretically forever if we make a few other adjustments to our priorities when it comes to our sustainability.
  1. Sustainability Benefits:   The energy invention has the capability to create almost unlimited energy to solve any issue facing mankind. The major issue with desalination of water is the cost of energy and with cheap unlimited energy desalination plants can be powered all over the world to solve the water shortages. Elimination of climate change worries permanently. This new energy invention will give us a chance to concentrate on the other issues facing mankind’s sustainability such as feeding the world, population control, cleaning up the oceans, etc.