One Energy Source

Worldwide Development Corporation believes this new energy invention will replace all forms of energy on the planet over time including transportation fuels due to its small ecological foot print required and a fraction of the cost of any energy generation that exist today. It’s critical if we’re going to have one energy source that it’s 100% reliable, easily expandable and has backup capabilities. Also, the distribution capabilities of this new energy invention will shock the engineers and scientist around the world. The WDC believes our implementation design will show all the above.

Leveled Energy Cost

The Leveled Energy Cost (LEC) represents the total cost to build and operate a new power plant over its life divided by equal annual payments and amortized over expected annual electricity generation. It reflects all the costs including initial capital, return on investment, continuous operation, fuel, and maintenance, as well as the time required to build a plant and its expected lifetime. This table compares the US average leveled electricity cost in dollars per kilowatt-hour for both non-renewable and alternative fuels in new power plants, based on US EIA statistics and analysis from Annual Energy Outlook 2014.

New energy invention – Cost per KWh                 $0.0075 – 0.01 – estimate

The Worldwide Development Corporation value was determined recently to be in the neighborhood of around 15 trillion dollars if my claims are true. This estimate was based on the current state of the world resources using a weighted average between the current and estimated replacement cost of the energy generated from the new energy invention. The 15 trillion dollar value included 5 trillion dollars a one time savings for efficiency gains in the electricity grids. We also took into consideration cost drivers that would speed up the implementation of the new energy units. Finally, if we take into consideration without this new energy invention and today’s consumption of resources the new energy invention is priceless.

Power Plant Type Coal
Natural Gas
Solar PV
Solar Thermal
Cost $/kW-hr (Adapted from US DOE2)
0.1 0.14
0.07 0.13
0.08 0.2
$0.13 0.13
$0.24 0.24
$0.05 0.05
$0.10 0.1
Average Share
0.125 28%
0.1 24%
0.14 5%
0.14 1%
0.13 1%
0.24 1%
0.05 0.05%
0.1 0.05%
0.08 7%
0.15 33%
€ 0.0350
€ 0.0240
€ 0.0070
€ 0.0014
€ 0.0013
€ 0.0024
€ 0.0000
€ 0.0001
€ 0.0056
€ 0.0495
€ 0.1263
$ 0.1512
Price differential vs weighted average $ 0.141151
20% substitution 1.3
Economic value – per year $ 1,607,429,580,900.00