World class technology

  • Prototype – Exact replica of new energy invention deployed – 3D printed material included
  • 3D drawings – Auto Desk Professional
  • Engineering completed with easily understood math calculations for power projections that are based on sound engineering disciplines

The new energy invention units are designed to capture kinetic energy from river flow and apply leverage to obtain 1.5 billion foot pounds of torque for the largest unit designed. We then reduce the foot pounds of torque by 50% for mechanical losses to be extremely conservative. 750 million foot pounds of torque equates to 1 gigawatt of firm 24/7 electricity.

The distribution capabilities of this new energy invention are just as impressive as the energy projections. There are millions of locations this new energy invention can be implemented around the world.

A common question I have received is how could I come up with a new energy invention that could solve the world’s energy problems when all the scientist around the world have failed to do so?

Think tanks, scientific laboratories and research centers are run by the most intelligent and well educated people in our world.  By definition any solutions that evolve will essentially be filtered by the leaders of the group.  This limits the ideas and innovations to the knowledge of just a few leaders.
Engineers and Scientist also have a built in deficiency that prohibits them from inventing anything creative.  If you bring up a problem to any scientist or engineer the first thing they do is relate it to some theory they have learned that forces you into a particular approach.  Usually they can explain to you what the theory is and how it has to fit into any solution that you come up with.  This is not their fault and even if they attempt to leave their knowledge at the door it’s impossible because it’s totally ingrained into their personality.
The proof that scientist and engineers have a deficiency in brainstorming is a reality regardless of any arguments people may have.  It’s been 66 years since we’ve introduced a new electrical power generation invention.  The first nuclear power plant went live in 1951.  Since then we have spent billions and billions of dollars on alternative energy research with not one large breakthrough in electrical power generation capabilities.

The next set of humanities transformations will be led by scientific progress and must be built on cooperation and not competition if we want to truly begin a new millennium for our children and grand children.

Our forefathers from each generation to the next had the courage and fortitude to pass the torch on to the next generation.  This is the first time in history where we have allowed old technology (carbon fuels) to be sustained where it is unwarranted due to corporate influence, corruption, lobbying, greed and power.

Our world is stuck in a frozen state and if we don’t have the courage to move forward then mankind will face an apocalypse that could possibly destroy the entire human race.

We need to understand the transformations of the next generation will be orders of magnitude greater than our contributions to this world if we just allow science to go forward the same as our parents did for us. They will actually think we were in the dark ages for using carbon fuels to power the planet.

Humanities Transformation Possibilities of the 21st Century and beyond

The new energy invention I have created has the capability to generate cheap unlimited clean energy distributed around the planet that will make anything possible anywhere on the planet.

The earth will have no smog, and all energy will be clean eco friendly alternative energy that will last forever theoretically.  Hydrogen and compressed air service stations will fuel vehicles by the electric coming into the service stations without deliveries of oil products.  New industries will emerge that recycle all our resources and especially things that we cannot reproduce from oil anymore like plastics, etc.  Much emphasis will be placed on food such as fish farms, vertical farms and agriculture to feed the world.  The world will eventually clean up all the hazardous sites including nuclear plants, etc. around the world. Oceans will return to their former healthy state where fish will become abundant again. Climate change will no longer be a threat to humanity. We will see a huge effort to restore rain forest and protect wildlife.

Hopefully even a worldwide space program where all the countries come together to build a real foundation for future space travel will see once we solve our sustainability issues. We will then see real scientific research into magnetic drive, plasma energy, 360 water energy, quantum drive, etc. that will eventually lead us to the stars and beyond. 

The real question is has humanity grownup enough to change its priorities to the well being of the human race or does greed and power continue to consume our thoughts and actions?